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To partner with our communities, lead change, and promote healthy and prosperous individuals and families in a health neighborhood environment.


Excellence: Our focus on excellence is driven by our employees’ ideas and contributions to shape and lead the organization. We strive to incorporate best practices and stimulate innovation.

Commitment: The foundation of our success is the members of our family who devote their time, talent, and resources to those who entrust their care to us. We are genuine, compassionate, professional, transparent, and responsible.

Customer Service: We affirm the unique identity of those we serve, treating each with friendliness, dignity, respect, care and compassion. Our values are inherent in our desire to provide exceptional customer service.

Leadership: We engender trust and provide solutions toward our common goal to lead change and provide the highest quality of integrated care. We make our ethics and values clear by living them each day, and tenaciously uphold our organizational culture that recognizes and supports our diverse strength.


Hispanos Unidos de Buffalo (HUB) has been providing health care, housing and social services to the Western New York community for over 27 years. The organization’s vision began as the product of a number of community leaders who in the early 1980’s came together to address various issues facing Latinos in Buffalo and the surrounding area. After some spirited debates, the Puerto Rican American Community Association (PRACA), the Puerto Rican Chicano Committee (PRCC), and La Alternativa (LA) leaders decided to consolidate services to maximize resources. In July 1989, the three organizations formally merged as HUB offering services throughout the east and west side of Buffalo. Programs covered substance abuse counseling, preventive social services, supportive housing, education, employment, senior services, and emergency food provision. In the late 1990’s HUB expanded and built a new administration building to accommodate a new after school program designed to address the soaring school dropout rate. In May 2012, the HUB Board of Directors decided once again to join resources with another Latino organization, Acacia Network, the largest Puerto Rican founded not for profit in New York State. Today HUB successfully operates programs for senior citizens, the homeless, victims of domestic violence, children preventive services, substance abuse, primary and behavioral health care coordination, emergency food provision, education and employment. Thanks to all the committed community leaders and friends, HUB is leading change, creating self-sufficiency, and reducing health disparities in Western New York.