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Take a deep breath. For asthmatics, the simple act of breathing can be a struggle. For Bronx and Queens residents, asthma is a familiar foe. In the Bronx, Hunts Point has the second highest rate of asthma in the country. Though the asthma prevalence in Queens is lower than in the Bronx (3.7% to 6.2%), Corona residents are also susceptible to conditions or “triggers” in the home environment.

To help them breathe easier, UHP implemented Asthma Relief Street Program. Its integrated approach to manage asthma involves working with the patient, their families, providers, and community agencies. The approach includes an asthma education curriculum and individual educational sessions. The up-side: more symptom-free days and better compliance with use of asthma controller medications. Patients had fewer ER visits and fewer missed school days. That’s what we call success.

All of these successes haven’t gone unnoticed. The Environmental Protection Agency awarded our asthma program with its 2006 National Exemplary Award for asthma program effectiveness and for demonstrating program success.

You’ll find Asthma Relief Street at all sites including our school-based health centers.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Adherence to evidence based clinical guidelines
  • Asthma education curriculum
  • Individual educational sessions
  • Strategic community partnerships
  • Asthma management celebrations

Our positive outcomes have demonstrated our success. Our patients have shown:

  • More symptom free days
  • Better compliance with using appropriate medications
  • Better control of their symptoms
  • Fewer urgent care and emergency room visits
  • Fewer missed school days