Operating Credo:

Our mission, vision, and values embody an organization that is passionate, innovative, with a commitment to sustained excellence. As such, I shall…

  • Treat patients, staff, and myself with dignity and respect.
  • Remember that patients are the only reason we exist as an organization.
  • Always put patients and their needs first.
  • Be passionate about our mission.
  • Strive for excellence in performing my work and be proud of what I do.
  • Have integrity and be honest, ethical, fair and sincere.
  • Take ownership of my job responsibilities and of my role as a member of the team.
  • Be thoughtful and compassionate towards everyone at all times.
  • Promote each other and all that we do.
  • Be courteous while working safely and effectively.
  • Communicate instantly and directly with everyone.
  • Be a life long learner, develop my capabilities, always seek to improve performance and share what works with others.

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Urban Health Plan is committed to being a premier employer. We aim to develop and implement innovative strategies and programs to attract, compensate, develop, motivate and retain the best qualified associates whose skills contribute to our outstanding position as a healthcare provider.

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