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Over the next few decades, the size of our older population in the U.S. is expected to grow significantly. For some seniors, aging is an easy and natural transition, while for others, the transition can be a challenge. After a life time of handling their own affairs, some fear losing their independence when they aren’t able to continue their daily routines. Fears of living alone or moving to a facility like a nursing home, combined with conditions like memory loss, depression and other chronic health issues further complicate the aging experience.

Urban Health Plan’s geriatric clinic helps to ease those challenges by coordinating the resources seniors need. In addition to providing clinical services, UHP seniors can access a host of support services including case management and assistance with transportation, and home health care and other services that will keep them in their home and preserve their independence. The department also helps with social services that seniors may need but don’t realize they’re entitled to. Follow-up and reminder calls ensure that older patients remember to keep their medical appointments with their providers.