1054 Simpson Pavilion, 5th Floor
Bronx, NY 10459
(718) 589-2440 ext. 4344


Urban Health Plan’s (UHP) La Cocinita de Simpson (translated “Simpson’s little kitchen”) is a state-of-the art demonstration kitchen in the Simpson Pavilion designed by the world-renowned Canyon Ranch Institute. Since its opening in 2014, La Cocinita has hosted a program to teach healthy cooking and nutrition to UHP patients. Program participants take weekly cooking classes ranging from cooking on a budget, learning the difference between organic and conventional foods, preparing nutritious breakfasts and how to prepare traditional cultural foods in a healthier way..

Food contributes to many of our patients’ health disparities. This “hands on” healthy cooking program allows participants to make significant lifestyle changes that start in the kitchen. Past program participants have incorporated many of the cooking skills and techniques learned at La Cocinita into their daily lives.

To promote the program, the nutrition team conducts weekly food demonstrations in the lobby of Urban Health Plan’s main site, where patients and visitors can sample the healthy dishes prepared in La Cocinita.

Visit your UHP nutritionist and ask about La Cocinita de Simpson!

For more information about La Cocinita de Simpson, contact the nutrition department at (718) 589-2440 ext. 4344