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Vulnerable – that’s how community residents often feel when they don’t know where or how to get affordable health care. Residents may also be challenged by lack of access to available services in their community. If the resident can’t get the health and social services they need, the Maternal Infant Community Health Collaborative (MICHC) brings the services to them.

Think of the MICHC Worker as a bridge between providers of health, social and community services and the underserved/ hard to reach populations within the community. They conduct intensive outreach to identify pregnant women, including those who are uninsured, underinsured, are not receiving in prenatal care, health or other community services, and other high risk populations living in the target area to help get these women into prenatal and other health care services.

MICHC workers also provide important referrals, coordination and follow-up to needed services, as well as advocacy and service coordination.

The Maternal Infant Community Health Collaborative targets Morrisania (10459), Tremont (10460) and Hunts Point (10474) and Soundview (10472). Clients are identified through outreach and through referrals. Most of our MICHC workers are residents of the community and all are bilingual.