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Bel Vino Winery eCommerce Sales

Responsible for helping build digital presence for over 10yrs, including website, live chat and e-commerce development. Created all videos for Winery and Wedding Venues. Managed all Google AdWords and SEO. During the Pandemic produced online marketing videos to increase online Sales. Results 300% increase in online purchases.
Feb 2011

Robert Rodriguez for New York City Council

Helped Robert Rodriguez Jr run for New York City Council. Designed campaign website and all online videos. Setup Google and YouTube online election marketing. Results; Elected both times
Feb 2018 | Present

Urban Health Plan

Urban Health Plan has been our client for over 8 years. During this time we have developed their website and created online marketing to drive traffic to their website and increase call volume for new clients. We have setup online recruiting which included a robust job board and applicant tracking system. Most recently we have produced videos to market telemedicine and help promote Covid 19 vaccines. Results; Traffic increase and phones continue to ring.
Feb 2014 | Present

Somos New York

Designed Website for Somos New York. Produced a series of marketing videos to promote conferences in Albany NY and Puerto Rico. Project include Google PPC search and video campaigns. Results; Most successful conferences to date. 2018 | 2021 | 2022

Marketing Call to Action Video for Don Coqui Restaurant in NY

Started working with DC before the doors opened in 2013. Facing many challenges setup all online digital foot print which included Website Design, SEO, Videos, Social Media, Call Center and Google Ads Campaigns. Success from day one and the rest is history to this day.
Mar 2013 | Present

VIP Community Services

VIP Community Services is a brand new client that needed help with Recruitment. We have deployed Google Ads and Facebook | Instagram Campaigns to drive traffic to their careers page and generate an influx of applicants to their multiple job positions available now. ​
2022 | Present

1st SOS Staffing Marketing | Video

Create entire digital footprint marketing video series that promoted its recruiting efforts in Southern Florida. We created Google PPC search campaigns, pinpointed Facebook and Instagram Ads targeting Orlando, Fort Lauderdale & Miami – all as part of the project launched back in
November 2022-Present

HOGAR, Inc Marketing Web Development

In 2022, we partnered with HOGAR Inc to take their organization into the modern age. We gave them a cutting-edge website, a robust job board & applicant tracking system to manage jobs and resumes online, as well as generated an online presence that enabled us to launch impactful recruiting campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram starting in
November of 2022 up until present day.